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Stop shaming feminine video game characters for embracing their femininity. Peach is a character that has a deep backstory and just because you do not “consider” any Mario game that varies away from a side scroller “canon” doesn’t mean it is not. Yes, she is kidnapped frequently but when she does she fights like all hell to get out or at least aid her “hero” whom she has saved in her very own game. Weak? She brawls with the top Nintendo stars in the Smash Bros. series, she plays sports from tennis, to golf, to olympic events and is considered a top competitor in all of them. Let us not forget about her top-notch racing. Dumb blonde? Think again, this multi-talented Princess is known as one of the smartest characters in the Mario series especially in the field of real-estate. Stop belittling her character by seeing what you want, all of you arguments are invalid and the fact you have to “ignore” spin-offs and other installments to get your point across only shows how weak your argument is. 

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